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Rebecca Agent // Business Consultant

Strategic Innovation // Sustainable Change

Collaborate, identify, shape and shift. Innovate, measure and repeat! Rebecca Agent is a business consultant. Applauded for her fresh, result-driven approach, Rebecca connects with business leaders and entrepreneurs to plan and push boundaries. She pioneers strategy, unravels answers and supports clients to build inspiring businesses.

Strategic Innovation

Rebecca confronts your business boundaries. Brilliance doesn’t happen without first understanding why it is you do what you do. Tough question, yes. She will identify strategies and goals to unleash the true power of your culture, people and technology.

Methodical Projects

Successful projects follow a timely path. With your business goals at the forefront of every project, Rebecca will craft a delivery framework based upon a mantra of ‘rights’ - right work at the right time, right on budget.

Elegant Process

Efficiency gaps, we all have them. Rebecca scans your industry; running health checks over structures and value-chain, outlining meaningful ideas to streamline and perfect your business.

Sustainable Change

Intelligent solutions come from a big picture view. Rebecca applies an eagle watch over economic, community and environmental factors - colliding each for best effect. Explosive, yet sustainable success is the by-product.


Blunt Umbrellas

In Product Manufacturing

Public Trust

In Professional Services

Mala Earth

In e-commerce

Auckland Fair

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About Rebecca

Two decades of experience, talent and intellectual property sits behind Rebecca Agent. Highly adept within a global business environment, she weaves strategic magic as a project and change specialist.


Rebecca has an MBA, specialising in sustainability and operations management. She is a well-respected and proven global strategist and business consultant, staunchly disrupting business in a fun, fresh and dynamic way.


Helping leaders identify clear, honest and effective business decisions, that’s Rebecca’s gin with her tonic. Making a measurable difference to business culture and performance – and always giving a full heart to every piece of work.


Rebecca has a love for travel, entrepreneurship and business. She is also a certified yoga teacher and holds a certificate in design from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada.


Rebecca believes great strategy and execution is a bold blend of business, art and heart.



Don’t be surprised if Rebecca shifts your mindset, quizzes your lifestyle, breaks down business blocks, throws tough questions your way and challenges your norm. The outcome will be worth the journey – authentic, expanded, profitable, sustainable, and exciting.